For partners who manufacture outdoor hot tubs, we offer fiberglass hot tub shells in various sizes and shapes. Only the highest quality special raw materials are used in the production. On request, we can use a layer of special materials that protects the products from “osmosis” phenomena, giving the possibility of extending the warranty and allowing you to enjoy the hot tub for many years. Engineering solutions give our tub shells extra strength, rigidity, and impact resistance. These features are important during the entire service life of the hot tub. Tub shells are available in a range of colors, from white, blue, gray to “3D ultra granicoat”, a 3D effect color with high UV resistance based on natural shades found in nature. Tub shells are designed and manufactured to be comfortable, enjoyable and safe for the whole family to use for years to come.

Rounded Tub shells

Rectangular Tub shells

OFURO Tub shells